Protecting the economy from the influence of organized crime

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Association of  Taxpayers of Ukraine



Coordinator of the OSCE projects in Ukraine

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PETRUS Holding Group of Companies


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20 september 2021
10-th floor, Library & Learning Center of the Yaroslav Mudryi National Law University
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Oleksii Liubchenko

First Deputy Prime Minister of Ukraine – Minister of Economy of Ukraine. Oleksii Liubchenko – Ph.D. in Economics, he held senior positions in public authorities and tax authorities of Ukraine for about thirty years. From April 2020 to May 2021 – Head of the State Tax Service of Ukraine. On May 20, 2021, he was […]

John O’Connell

Chairman & President of World Taxpayers Associations (WTA). Chief Executive of Tax Payer’s Alliance (TPA). John O’Connell joined the TPA as an intern in 2009. Since then he has worked at every level of the organisation which made him uniquely qualified to become Chief Executive beginning August 2016. As a researcher, and later Research Director, […]

Topic of speech: ''What is WTA? How black market may affect the tax revenues: United Kingdom’s experience''

Artem Sytnyk

Director of the National Anti-corruption Bureau of Ukraine. Artem Sytnyk personally investigated or led investigation teams working on more than 300 criminal proceedings, most of which concerned corruption-related crimes. Successful investigations, carried out by Artem or his team, ensured that many judges and officials of the Security Service of Ukraine, internal affairs agencies, tax police, […]

Topic of speech: ''Fighting top corruption: how can the state win?''

Olena Tanasevych

Chief Judge of the High Anti-Corruption Court, PhD of Juridical Science. Olena Tanasevych had been working as a judge in the Pechenigy District Court, Kharkiv region, before her appointment to the post of Chief Judge of the High Anti-Corruption Court. In 2018, she got her PhD of Juridical Science, specialization 12.00.05 (Labor Law).

Topic of speech: ''Recognition of unjustified assets and their recovery to the state: a civil law lever to combat crime''

Anatolii Kinakh

President of the Ukrainian League of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs, Prime Minister of Ukraine (2001-2002), Ukrainian politician and statesman. Anatolii Kinakh – people’s deputy of the six convocations. At various times, he was the Minister of Economy, Deputy Prime Minister, First Deputy Prime Minister, Prime Minister of Ukraine. The government of Anatoly Kinakh implemented a strategy […]

Topic of speech: ''Challenges and risks for domestic business from organized crime and corrupted law enforcement professionals''

Liudmyla Rusalina

President of the group of companies “Petrus”, patron, public figure. Liudmyla Rusalina heads the holding group of companies “Petrus” that unites enterprises of various spheres of economic activity: production of alcoholic beverages, confectionery, provision of freight forwarding services and advertising. Products of “Petrus” are exported to more than 30 countries: USA, China, Moldova, Armenia, Azerbaijan, […]

Topic of speech: ''Challenges and risks for domestic business from organized crime and corrupted law enforcement professionals''

Oleksii Nemyriuk

Oleksii Nemyriuk – owner and director of the private enterprise “BEL”, a member of the Ukrainian Association of Tax Payers. Oleksii Nemyriuk successfully distributes alcoholic beverages in the largest trade networks in Ukraine: МЕТРО, Auchan, BILLA, FOZZY, GROUP, Karavan, Furshet, Velyka Kyshenia, ATB-market, etc. He also carries out import of alcoholic products to Georgia, Moldova, […]

Topic of speech: ''Challenges and risks for domestic business from organized crime and corrupted law enforcement professionals''

Viktor Trepak

First Deputy Head of the Security Service of Ukraine, Head of the Central Directorate of Fighting Against Corruption and Organized Crime of the Central Directorate of the Security Service of Ukraine (2015–2016), Major General of the Security Service of Ukraine, Doctor of Juridical Science, participant of hostilities in Eastern Ukraine. Viktor Trepak was directly involved […]

Topic of speech: ''Corruption in the law enforcement system and political corruption: relationship and dangerous trends''

Volodymyr Nikiforenko

Doctor of Juridical Science, honoured lawyer of Ukraine, Major General, First Deputy of the Head of State Border Guard Service of Ukraine. Volodymyr Nikiforenko is the author and initiator of a number of drafts of law to improve the legislation on border security, conducting counterintelligence activities, systematization and documentation of illegal activities, their analysis and […]

Topic of speech: ''Countering smuggling in Ukraine: organizational and legal aspects of providing''

Volodymyr Bandura

CEO Innolytics Group, Technology Research & IT Outsourcing, speaker in Singularity University (Kyiv Chapter).  Volodymyr Bandura is the author of research “Ukraine in the Global Innovation Dimension” and the certified consultant of ExO. Volodymyr has 10 years of experience in large-scale investment projects and startups, as well as in creating and developing business projects. He […]

Topic of speech: ''Blockchain technologies as a new method of social management''

Oleksandr Korystin

Doctor of Juridical Science, professor, Honored Worker of Science and Technology of Ukraine. Oleksandr Korystin – research manager: State Research Institute of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine (Methodological bases for assessing hybrid threats and risks in the field of civil security), National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine (Criminal justice and law enforcement […]

Topic of speech: ''Organized crime in the field of fiscal security in Ukraine: threats, risks, vulnerabilities''

Monica-Violeta Achim

Professor and Phd supervisor in the field of Finance, Faculty of Economics and Business Administration, Babes-Bolyai University, Cluj-Napoca, Romania. With over 22 years of experience in academic field, Monica-Violeta Achim has published over 130 specialized articles and 24 books. Her new reference work is the book Economic and financial crime. Corruption, shadow economy and money […]

Topic of speech: ''New dimensions of economic and financial crime in the digital economy''

Nicholas Ryder

Professor in Financial Crime, Head of Global Crime, Justice and Security Research Group, UWE Bristol Law School, Faculty of Business and Law, University of the West of England, Bristol.

Topic of speech: ''Terrorism financing, fraud and organized crime – is it a time for a common approach?''

Manfred Dauster

Dr. Manfred DAUSTER – Presiding Judge at the Supreme Court of Bavaria, Member of the Institute of Economic Criminal Law, European and International Criminal Law at the University of Saarland, Saarbrücken, Germany.

Topic of speech: ''Organised crime and its impact on national economy''

Ina Kubbe

Dr. Ina KUBBE – PhD, researcher at the School of Political Science, Government and International Relations at Tel Aviv University (TAU). Dr. Ina Kubbe specialized in research on the causes and consequences of corruption as well as on norms and values of the Israeli and Palestinian society related to the conflict.  Dr. Kubbe also works […]

Topic of speech: ''Theoretical and empirical relationship between corruption and organized crime''

Zakharii Varnalii

Doctor of Economic Sciences, Professor, Academician of the Academy of Economic Sciences of Ukraine, Academy of Higher School of Ukraine, Honored Worker of Science and Technology of Ukraine, Professor of the Department of Finance at the Kiev National Taras Shevchenko University.

Topic of speech: ''Raiding as a form of organized crime and an object of study of economic security''

Olesia Vashchuk

Chair of the Council of Young Scientists of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine. Ms. Olesya has fifteen years of experience in the educational, scientific and public spheres. She received her PhD in law from the National University “Odessa Law Academy” in Ukraine. Olesya has an academic title of assistant professor of the […]

Topic of speech: ''Information and analytical support for the investigation of crimes committed by an organized group or criminal organization''

Oleksii Feshchenko

Advisor to the UN Office on Drugs and Crime (Vienna), Division on Money Laundering and Cybercrime. Since 2016 heads the UN project on countering criminal risks of cryptocurrency. Areas of practical research: cryptocurrency, drug dealing in the darknet, big data analysis tools. In Ukraine – projects on cryptocurrency investigation training for the National Police, the […]

Topic of speech: ''The new economy of organized crime: cryptocurrency, smart contracts, darknet, cybercrime as a service''

Audrius Poviliunas

Investigator and OLAF Foreign Liaison Officer. Audrius Poviliunas has been working for OLAF since 2006. As an investigator, he was specialising in cases of subsidy fraud in relation to the EU structural funds. In 2018, he joined the EU Delegation to Ukraine as an OLAF foreign liaison officer. In Kyiv, he has been dealing with […]

Topic of speech: ''Protection of EU financial interests: The Role of OLAF''

Levan Dzneladze

Head of Investigation Department at Investigation Service of the Ministry of Finance of Georgia. From 2007 to 2020 he served in the Prosecutor’s office of Georgia at different positions, from an intern to a head of department. In 2008 he passed the qualification exam for judges specializing in criminal law. In 2019 he was awarded […]

Topic of speech: ''Current Priorities of Financial Investigations in GEORGIA''


Bogdan Golovkin

Doctor of Legal Science, Professor, Head of the Department of Criminology and Criminal Execution Law. Doctor of Law, Professor, Head of the Department of Criminology and Penitentiary Law Yaroslav Mudryi National Law University. The Head of the Sector of Crime Research and its Causes Аcademician Stashis Scientific Research Institute for the Study of Crime Problems […]

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