How to apply for the Kharkiv International Legal Forum?

The application is submitted by registration on the official website of the Forum: www.legalforum.nlu.edu.ua, it is necessary to provide the participant’s personal and contact information, select the main scientific events. Registration is available in three languages – Ukrainian, Russian and English, consisting of three stages – the introduction of personal and contact details, the choice of payment method, the completion of the participant’s questionnaire.

Registration is completed only if the applicant saw the page “Dear colleague! Thank you for registration …. “And received an email with the same content.

How long does the application process last and when can I expect an official invitation?

Each application is considered by the Organizing Committee individually, within two working days. In case of a positive decision the participant receives an e-mail with the attached “official invitation” file in .pdf format.

The Organizing Committee has the right to refuse to participate in the Forum; in case of refusal, the amount of the organizational fee is returned in full.

What are the options for participation in the Forum?

In 2018, the following options are available:

Participation in the events of the business program – opening ceremonies and panel discussions

Participation in trainings and workshops, other satellite activities from the Forum partners

Participation in open lectures of foreign guests of the Forum

What expenses are included in the amount of the organizational fee?

The amount of the organizational fee includes such cost: a package of the Forum participant (package, a folder, handouts, a notepad, a pen, a badge with a carabiner and a ribbon, a participant’s certificate); coffee break twice a day.

What is not included in the amount of the organizational fee?

The amount of the organizational fee does not include hotel accommodation, meals (excluding coffee breaks), transport costs to the venue of the Forum, individual transport services, individual interpreter services, organization of cultural and excursion programs.

How is participation paid?

In the list of Forum events you need to choose the one that interests you.

Please click on the button “Participate” on the event page.

Complete the registration process by filling in the form and make an online payment with the valid bank card details.

How to understand that the payment was successful?

The system will notify you of a successful payment and will display an expanded application form that must be filled in to complete the registration process. You will also receive a receipt of successful payment at the specified e-mail address.

What is the certificate of the Forum participant and how to get it?

All participants of the Forum who were registered, who have paid the organizational fee and have received an official invitation, will receive a certificate of participation with the signatures of the organizing committee members at the end of the event

What is the structure of the Forum program?

The Forum Business program consists of plenary sessions, discussion panels, satellite activities of the Forum’s partners (training courses, workshops, roundtables, meetings), open lectures of recognized scholars and practitioners.

How to become an official or informational partner of the Forum?

The Partner of the Forum is an organization that provides support for the Forum events, receiving promotional opportunities, and promotes its brand within the Forum.

An information partner is a media tool that provides information support to the Forum during its preparation, holding and coverage of the Forum after its completion.

Conditions of cooperation and partnership proposals please send to the Forum Organizing Committee to e-mail forum@nlu.edu.ua.

Where can the Forum guests and participants live during the time of its conduction?

You can choose the nearest hotel. The list of accommodation options is on the Conditions of Participation page.

What is the venue for the main events of the Forum?

The venue of the main Forum events (panel discussions, round tables, keynote lectures) will be the Library&Learning Center of the Yaroslav Mudryi National Law University, walking distance from the Kharkiv city centre. The LLC address is Pushkinska Str. 84 A.