Liudmyla Rusalina

President of the group of companies “Petrus”, patron, public figure.

Liudmyla Rusalina heads the holding group of companies “Petrus” that unites enterprises of various spheres of economic activity: production of alcoholic beverages, confectionery, provision of freight forwarding services and advertising. Products of “Petrus” are exported to more than 30 countries: USA, China, Moldova, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Baltic countries, Africa, Italy, Spain, Germany, Poland, Canada and others. Annually Ms. Rusalina allocates significant funds for charitable projects of the National Fund for Social Protection of Mothers and Children “Ukraine for Children”, charitable foundations “Our Kyiv Region”, “Care and Mercy”, “Protection of Mother and Child Rights”, V.S. Mikhalevych Foundation for Scientific and Technical Development of Ukraine. Ms. Rusalina is awarded the Order of St. Stanislaus III degree for the business development in Ukraine and charity, twice received the award “Public Recognition” of the international competition “Golden Trademarks of Ukraine” and also has high church awards.