Oksana Dovgopolova

Doctor of Philosophy, Professor at the Department of Philosophy, Odessa I.I. Mechnikov National University, researcher of the philosophy of History and Memory Studies, curator.

Author of the monograph “Other, Alien, Rejected as elements of social space” (Odessa, 2007), and a number of scientific papers. She is a member of the Memory Studies Association (and PoSoCoMeS – Post Socialist and Comparative Memory Studies Association, MSA) and the International Association of Humanities. Head of Public Reconciliation Projects “Culture of Reconciliation: A New Historical Consciousness in Ukraine” (2015, Odessa), “From Group to Individual: Art in Search of Social Solidarity” (2017) and Public History “Strategies for Working with Urban Polyphony: Regional Judaism in Odessa” (2017) and “Remembering Conflicts, Thinking about the Future: Writing History Together” (2018).

In recent years she has been working with the representation of the past in the art. As the leader of the project “From Group to Individual: Art in Search of Social Solidarity” she is partner of the Odessa Biennale of Contemporary Art in 2017. She was the curator of public programs for the exhibition “(un) marked” by Nikita Kadan (2018, Museum of Contemporary Art of Odessa), “Changed Man” by Boris Lurie (2019-2020, Odessa Art Museum). Member of the curatorial group of the exhibition “Garden of Memory” (2020, Isolation Foundation, BYHMC, French Institute in Ukraine, French Embassy in Ukraine). Since 2019 she has been managing the public history project “Past / Future / Art” in Odessa. Lives and works in Odessa.