Jose Luiz Esteves

Visiting Professor, Post-Doctoral Research in Innovation for Sustainable Organisations at PPAD da PUC PR/ Pontificia Universidade Católica do Paraná in Brazil; Professor of Business Administration at FAETEC/CETEP State College in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

A short SD bio: Jose L Esteves, Prof. Dr., Climate Leader- Brazil; Former Information Centre Coordination at Global Forum 1992, Executive Director and Undersecretary of Public Investment at ADM City Development Agency – Niteroi, Rio de Janeiro, Head Coordination at FORDES RIO – The Rio de Janeiro State Development Forum; Former Acting Regional Director ICLEI-LACS (implementation of Global Campaigns: The CCP/ Cities for Climate Protection, The LALA21 Local Agenda and The Water Campaign; Rio+10 South Africa WSSD LAC Municipalities Group Attendance Coordination Group 2002), Urban Management and Sustainable Development GUDS International Program Graduate/ UN ECLAC – World Bank – UN Habitat at Universidad Ibero Americana, Santo Domingo – Dominican Republic 2001), Former National Director at Child Fund International Brazil 2006 (Design and Implementation of Human Sustainable Development Program PDHS in Semiarid Region, Presented the CCF Voices of Children on Poverty in Brazil at Washington DC Conference), GWU-CAF-FGV International Public Governance Program Brazil 2016, Coalition Wild International Mentorship Program 2020-21, Wild Hub Member 2020. Mentor at ICLEI Innovation Mentorship Program/South America; National Award in Child Education by Foundation Abrinq 2004, The Operation Smiles Friend Award, and 3 x awarded with The Bem Efficient – Well Efficient National Prize in NGO Transparent and Effective Management by Kanitz Institute, Brazil. Certifications in FR, Social Project Management, Logical Framework held in Brazil and abroad.