Elisabetta Silvestri

Associate Professor of Comparative Civil Procedure of University of Pavia School of Law, Pavia, Italy, Professor of Advanced Legal English. Member of the ELI-Unidroit Working Group on the preparation of the Model European Rules of Civil Procedure.

Co-author of the Regional report from Continental Western Europefor the First International Colloquium on the Law of Civil Procedure, mLund, Sweden, June 1985. Topic: “Trends in the Enforcement of Non-Money Judgments and Orders”.  Author of the Italian Report to the Eight World Convention onProcedural Law, Utrecht, The Netherlands, August 1987. Topic:“Alternatives to or Within Formal Procedures in Italy”.Appointed by the Italian Superior Council of the Judiciary (Consiglio Superiore della Magistratura) as a member of the Committee for there form of Italian civil procedure, 1989.Member of the Italian Department of Justice Committee charged with the drafting of a bill on ADR, 1997 etc.