Brain-ring on political funding for students
4 October


The Brain-ring on political funding aims to raise students’ awareness of the reform of political financing in Ukraine, which took place in 2015 and is still being implemented. Brain ring can be held for 10 teams of 5-6 people at a time.

Brain-ring moderator announces a question, and then each team has one minute to record the answer on the paper and raise hand. The moderator’s assistant collects answers and passes the jury (3-5 representatives of international organizations, experts, educators, etc.), while the moderator voices a correct answer, the jury places points. The jury evaluates the correct answer, and may also give additional points for completeness of the answer. The moderator calls the number of commands that correctly answered, but for the sake of the intrigue does not name these teams. Brain ring consists of 10 questions. If several teams get an equal number of points, the moderator raises a few additional questions. Two or three teams with the best result go to the finals. Winners receive certificates and gift literature.