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We invite you to take part in the 1st Kharkiv International Legal Forum “Law and Problems of Sustainable Development in Globalized World”, which will take place in 3-6/ October, 2017 in Yaroslav Mudryi National Law University.

The main idea of the Forum is vital not only for the legal community, but also for a wide range of scientists and public figures, because it is dedicated to the most important social issues of the present time. In the coming decades the world will continue to grow and evolve, suffer hard times and crises, it will perform breakthroughs and achieve success in technology development and poverty reduction. Goals and objectives of humanity in the 21st century reflect the main conceptual idea of sustainable development. Ukraine cannot simply catch up with developed countries on this way; it must develop and improve own economic, social and legal institutions.

The main topics of this year’s forum are focused on one of the main goals of sustainable development: promoting the construction of a peaceful and open society, access to justice for everybody and creation of institutions on all levels, which will be fair, accountable and based on broad participation.

The Forum will include panel discussions, round tables, workshops and other events, focused on selected topics. Experienced politicians, government officials and academics from Ukraine and foreign states, officials of international organizations, EU institutions, well-known human rights activists and representatives of legal business are invited to participate in the Forum as key speakers

Vasyl Tatsii
Head of the Organizing Committee
Rector of Yaroslav Mudryi National Law University

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