Forum’s Diary

Opening of the II Kharkiv International Legal Forum (September 25, 2018)

Pannel discussions:

Corporate Law and Intellectual Property in Digital Economy (September, 25-26, 2018)

Business and Human Rights: Ukraine’s Implementation of the United Nations Guidelines (September, 26, 2018)

Efficient system of criminal justice for sustainable economic development (September, 27, 2018)

Law and security in the context of European and Euro-Athlantic integration (September, 28, 2018)

Program for business:

Training “Responsibility of managers and other persons controlling a business association» (September, 25, 2018)

Workshop “IT Business Protection: How to Protect Business? How to Protect Products? How to Protect Data of IT Companies?” (September, 27, 2018)

Workshop “Agribusiness: Legal tools of solving relevant issues” (September, 28, 2018)


Program for students:

Presentation of the course “Business and Human Rights” for law students (September, 27, 2018)

Open lectures by PhD in Law Fabian Teichmann  (28-29.09.2018)

Events on strenghthing legal education quality in Ukraine supported the USAID New Justice Program:

Presentation of the Joint Certificate Program “Practical Course on the Rule of Law” (September, 27, 2018)

Open lecture «An overview of the German Legal Methodology» (September, 27, 2018)