Efficient system of justice for sustainable economic development

September, 27th 2018

Building an efficient, productive, accountable, corruption-free and well-balanced system of justice for ensuring the rule of law and improving the business climate constitutes a strategic task for all legal professionals. Under the development of digital economy, the reformation of the system of justice has to consider the need to strengthen the legal protection of informational and communicational environment from all kinds of violations. The goal of the discussion is to review the system of justice reforms and search for new guidelines and tools to defend national economy from unlawful attacks, increase transparency and integrity in making business.


Main points to discuss:

  • the tools for the institutional empowerment of law enforcement agencies for securing the investments and assets
  • protection of Ukrainian digital economy under globalization
  • the role of anti-corruption strategy in ensuring fair competition and development of entrepreneurship, or other relevant issue in your scope of expertise



Dr. of Law , Prof. Bohdan Golovkin
Dr. Olga Shumilo