Corporate law and intellectual property under digital economy

September, 25th 2018

The emerging digital economy has a powerful impact on the traditional private law institutes, requiring a respective update. The goal of the discussion is to fulfil a comparative legal analysis of the US and the EU countries experience in shaping the legal framework for implementation and protection of corporate and intellectual property rights in the digital environment and elaborating draft amendments to Ukrainian legislation in the field.


Main points to discuss:

  • overview of the concept changes in the framework of EU and US law on corporate relations and intellectual property rights protection
  • risk rates of investments into the corporate cluster of Ukrainian economy as an indicator of efficiency of legal tools for ensuring the proper implementation of corporate rights
  • guidelines for solving corporate conflicts
  • global trends of Intellectual Property Law development as a basis for innovative economy and transfer of technologies



Dr. of Law, prof. Inna Spasibo-Fateieva
Dr. Olena Zhylinkova
Dr. Natalia Filatova

Key speakers:

Søren Friis Hansen, professor of company Law at the Law Department, Copenhagen Business School, Denmark, the lecturer in EU company law at Riga Graduate School of Law
Virginijus Bitė, a professor and director of the Institute of Private Law at Faculty of Law at Mykolas Romeris University (MRU) (Vilnius, Lithuania)
Peter B. Maggs, Professor of the University of Illinois, USA
Olena Kibenko, doctor of science, judge of The Grand Chamber of Supreme Court
Valentyna Vasylieva, doctor of science, director of Studying and Scientific Law Institute of Vasyl Stefanyk Precarpathian National University
Inna Spasybo-Fateeva, doctor of science, professor, a corresponding member of National Academy of Law Sciences of Ukraine, professor of civil law department of Yaroslav Mudyi National Law University of Ukraine.
Maksym Libanov, PhD, a member of National Securities and Stock Market Commission of Ukraine. The Head of Corporate Governance and Development of Stock Market Instruments Committee
Volodymyr Igonin, a partner of Vasil Kisil & Partners
Ilarion Tomarov, Counsel Vasil Kisil & Partners, Head of IP/IT practice 

Yuriy Kapitsa, PhD, Director of the Centre of Intellectual Property Studies and Technology Transfer of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine

Sergey Glotov, lecturer of the legal block in ILTI-School, Lawyer, Senior scientific employee of the Research Institute of Intellectual Property of the NAPR of Ukraine, the head of the laboratory of problems of copyright and innovations in digital markets