Business. Human rights. Rule of law

September, 26th 2018

The discussion is intended to update for Ukraine the issue of the content of human rights obligations of business. This goal can be achieved by establishing a broad platform for discussion global trends, regional standards and national practices in the field of BHR by business representatives, government bodies, local authorities, academia, civil society institutions. The goal of the panel discussion is to develop a “road map” for Ukraine in ensuring proper implementation of its business obligations in the field of human rights.


Main points to discuss:

  • legal Instruments for Effective Implementation of Business’s Human Rights Obligations: International Standards Through the Lens of Ukrainian Realities
  • the Rule of Law as an Element of Corporate Practice and the Guarantee of Sustainable Development
  • Human Rights Due Diligence Procedures: experience of world leaders for Ukrainian business
  • index of Corporate Equality: Has the Non-Discrimination Test been Passed?



Dr., Associate Prof. Olena Uvarova
Assistant Dmytro Philipskyi